Thursday, August 18, 2005

Holy friendships?

Becoming aware of God sending shockwaves to your heart and mind that let you know you're standing on Holy ground. After spending some quality time nailing down some Genmark stuff and dreaming up everything and nothing all at once, I got a visit from an old friend. I haven't been able to keep up consistant conversations with him since I moved from the downriver, but as soon as he walked in the coffee shop I was at, we dove into conversation as if we haven't been apart a second. We caught up, chatted up, and spoke up about family, work, and God. Somewhere within that time I could feel God breathing on us and I knew I was standing on Holy ground. Not that God showed up, He is always there which is actually here. I opened up, my heart became aware that God was with us and was doing a work in us. I wanted to stop, slip my sandals off and close my eyes so as to soak up everything that was taking place. But I didn't want to interrupt the conversation that God was having in us andf through us. Holy moments are here for us to devour and yet share, all in one inhale and exhale. I began to realize that it wasn't an experience, it was an AWARENESS of the Holy Spirit in our midst. Breathing became audible, the audible began dancing, and joy was not an option it was reality. I'm finding more and more that it's not about living for or off of experiences, but living with an AWARENESS. Seeing, feeling, tasting and knowing that God is here and He is sooo Good.

Wallace D.

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