Monday, April 03, 2006

Singularly focused

Well I have been home now for a couple of days and I have found myself a little bit on edge. I am realizing that my time in Indiana seem to show that it is VERY nice to have one focus, we would go to class and when we got out we would work on homework and just kind of hang out. Then I get home and have 50 things to try and focus on, if you can use the word focus then. My phone was nearly silent all week last week and I didn't have to worry about deadlines, schedules, multiple jobs, and all the other stuff that seems to HAVE TO GET DONE. As I somewhat ranted this to Sarah, she says, "welcome back to the real world," which has a bit of truth to it. But I wonder if it is the real world or the world that we have created? I was talking to someone and asking them about an author I like to read and they had never heard of him. Then I asked about something else, then something else, then another thing, and they weren't aware of pretty much everything I was talking about. Made me think of the bubble I live in and how busy I make myself how I'll say yes to a million things and throw my hat into the ring, so to speak, and then find myself stressing and worrying about how it will all work out. When I talk to most people in the church world, it pretty much is the same thing, busy, busy, busy. More to do more to start and more to think about. N8 and I talked about what we would do if we could do anything, our answers bounced all around and some were silly and some were just wonderful dreams. When I think about it now, one thing seemed to be clear: Our dreams were focused, stripped down to a single focus. And yet in our dreams we could see more getting done, more people being impacted, the church coming alive and being all that God intends for it. So what's the deal with a full schedule with sooo much to do, but a dissatisfied heart with dreams of someday, somehow?

Thinking out loud
Wallace D.


Patrick said...

Came across your site. A word of advice:
"Poop or get off the pot."

Anonymous said...

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