Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pass it on

Slammin my way thru "The Secret Message of Jesus," by Brian McLaren and enjoying it very much to this point. I think it is so hard to imagine how under the radar and totally against the grain Jesus' message was and still is today. So much so in our western culture where the individual is so highly the focus and the lack of equality in the way we live so on and so on. But I do love the way Jesus went about things, not by force, violence, and jamming His ways down people's throats, but this love centered person to person passing of a new way to live life. The way He spoke in parables and would hang out with them sharing lots of meals, fishing trips, and parties which were all ways to draw people into His life, a new way of life. The first people He looked for were often the last people everyone else was looking for, in fact usually the kinds of people the religious were trying to ignore and get rid of. People had no idea what to do with this guy, was he a Zealot, an Essene, a Herodian, or maybe a Pharisee, what is this guys deal? Although people whould argue who he was, no one was argueing about what He did and how He went about doing it, in fact that is what was so frustrating for them, He blew their ideas and theories out of the water. They couldn't help but look deep in their lives and do a soul search to why they were doing what they were doing and being who they were being. It's your kindness Lord that brings us to repentence type of thing, now that does sound controversial or sexy enough I know, but this was His message. The kingdom of God is here/near!!

I was reading Saturday about Jesus healing a blind man and explaining that He is the light of the world and where ever there is darkness He would be light. That as long as He is in this world there would be light and it would ALWAYS overcome darkness. As we move into the season of celebrating the ressurection of this Jesus and how He said that He will go to the Father and WE will be His light on this earth. Who Jesus was and is and what He did is now IN us and THROUGH us? Reading that story of healing and love and the awesome vision of what Jesus was doing and being made me freeze and feel numb. This is us, this is who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to be doing. Praising the Father for fathering us and creating us, praising Jesus for giving Himself for us and to us, and praising the Holy Spirit for living in us and guiding us. What a love, what an amazing gift, what an incredible mission!! This is for us to FREELY HAVE AND FREELY GIVE, so what are we waiting for? It's not magic, it's mission, it's acceptance and dedication and surrender to self.

Giddy Up!!
Wallace D.

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giddy up!!! giddy up!!! ride on..