Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Front Porch

So we turned in the keys to our OLD apartment yesterday and we are now completely home in the house. I'm digging the 101 year old, all kinds of great character house that has the front porch that I so badly wanted when purchasing a house. Old wood floors, classic heating vents, and a stained glass window in what will be my office! But I LOVE the front porch, it's where neighbors become friends and side walkers become acquaintances, which move into friendships. We have had neighbors in the apartments we've lived in, but you are hunkered down in the apartment and the only time you see them is on the way in or on the way out. Sure you could knock on their door, but who does that nowadays? That was partially sarcastic, but sadly has a lot of truth in it. In the few days we have spent painting and moving our stuff into the house, we have had all kinds of great conversations with our new neighbors and one even loaned us his power paint sprayer, which painted 75% of our house in no time. Sweet pea (aka Tyler Holm), one of our Moto students lives across the street from us, and has been over every time we've been moving stuff. He's just sort of hanging out. I'm telling you, these crazy front porches are a diamond in the ruff, and I am all about being the old guy who hangs out on the porch hollering at the squirrels to stop eating our flowers and telling the neighborhood kids to be careful when playing in the street, all while I am sipping on my old country time lemonade. I was made for this house and I have the receding hair line to prove it! Any way I will be teaching this Sunday at the gatherings and believe it or not, my chat is titled, "The Front Porch." Yeah, it's just where my heart has been for a while and we have been chatting it over for a bit in Moto, so were gonna have a great ol time on the Front Porch this Sunday. So pull up your lounge chair, grab a glass of lemonade and join us on the Front Porch, where we can raise our families together. Hmm... sounds like a catchy name, maybe for a church even... maybe some day any ways. Check out Matthew 5:13-16 in the Message and watch the Front Porch open to a whole new neighborhood, a kingdom neighborhood!

Front Porch dwelling
Wallace D.


mel capra said...

Walbert! congrats on your new pad! I cannot wait to see it! You're awesome.

Mike Willis said...


hey man i just wanted to say that you did a frigin awsome job on sunday, i would label this one as the best ive ever heard you speak, it was good, and i think people got a lot out of it. It was a cool party after words, and im glad you got the house. peace out bro.


Carter Clark said...


i am with willis on this one. great job! i loved it. i am going to start construction on a front porch this week. or maybe not.

anyway awesome job!

Wallace D. said...

Appreciate the love people, the Front Porch metaphor for living keeps growing in my heart. Hopefully we can enjoy some great weather this summer for many a cookouts and lots of livin on the porch.