Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Porch living

I had a riot hanging out in the gatherings this past Sunday and we began digging into the idea of front porch living. Living generous lives, opening up to others and being honest about who we are and who we are becoming. The power of relationships, watching people become aware of the love of God because of the kindness and generosity of people. Also sadly seeing people being turned off to God and the church because of a falseness or selfishness of people. But what happens when we become raw and honest about who we are? What happens when we stop reading the bible and praying because "we're supposed to?" What happens if we would open the Bible or talk to God with the expectation of being changed, being taken apart? I cannot flippantly open the Bible and get through a few minutes of reading to do my duties. I won't let my study time be considered my devotion time. I need both, I need to be changed by both of these times and I need to stop being selfish, I need to move towards becoming a new person every day. I really enjoy getting away and reading and just listening to God, in my own kind of quiet (a great cup of coffee is usually added to this time). But if this time does not send me into the world, send me into front porch living, then I am in danger of isolation and unhealthiness. In these quiet times God is teaching me who I am and who I am to become, so that way as I enter into community I do not get my identity from this community, but who I am can add to the community. I have been on a journey in becoming more and more aware that God is fathering me, teaching me, taking me apart, replenishing my heart, healing my heart and leading me to place of surrender. This is front porch living, this is not easy, but this is God's love igniting a people to enter His kingdom. This kingdom is real, it is not of this world, but it will transform it and change everything about it. I believe in the community in which I live and I know that God desires to change us and lead us to something beyond all our hopes and dreams. He will lead us into His hopes and dreams. Here's to a summer of being the church and making disciples and a summer of living on the front porch!

Porchin it
Wallace D.


Jason said...

heard your message online. Good I want a front porch...maybe we can get teh government to penalize back decks and subsidize front porches....hmmm..

keep praching brother.

when are you going to post some pics of your house

Wallace D. said...

As soon as I can find someone who is a little more tech savvy to drop that function into my blog. Thanks for the encouragement, lovin the house and your place is lookin sweet. Keep porchin it.

carahoeks said...

hey- things here in europe are going well. miss you guys though, look forward to seeing you next sunday!