Friday, June 09, 2006

Becoming a kid again

Remember what summer was like as a kid? Man it was great! Waking up early, throwing on your favorite Lee jeans and super hero t-shirt, then heading out to a world lost in your own imagination! That's what it was like for me any way. Creating championship basketball teams in my sketch book, playing out the bracket I put together, and of course always winning it all on my buzzer beating shots. Or playing wiffle ball with my brothers and our friends until it was too dark and we couldn't see the ball until it was ricocheting off our shins. Some days I would just climb up on the roof of the middle school by my house, lay on my back, and dream of what I was going to be when I got older. All while watching the clouds sketch out a zoo of animals in the beautiful summer sky. No day was ever the same and no dream was ever too far fetched. Each day my imagination grew bigger and bigger and sometimes it felt like life was standing still just waiting for me to put it back into motion with the snap of my peanut butter and jelly smeared fingers. I always slept so good in the summer as a kid, because I knew I had so much to do the next day, and I had so much to dream about.

I think I'm going to become a kid again this summer. Sure I'm a bit older now, my hair is a lot thinner and my dreams will probably be different, but I think it's time to get back to dreaming. The sun is out and God is just too darn big not to dream, you know what I mean?

Day dreaming
Wallace D.


mel capra said...

This post made me think of that message you gave a real life back in the day about dreams. you told us to dream big, and stuff. it was a great message and it's always stuck with me. you're awesome.

Wallace D. said...

I absolutely remember that message as well and this is tagging onto it. I think one of closest ways we can get to the heart of God is to dream and dream big. Not for selfish reasons, but for what God wants and desires to do through us and with us. What a picture of beauty to have our dreams dissolve into His dreams. So I say dream away and let God's creativity fill our minds and our hearts.