Monday, June 12, 2006

I wonder...

For whatever reason I sometimes wonder, about nothing, about something, about today and tomorrow and kind of laugh at yesterday. I wonder about my day to day, so is today going to be one of those real fruitful days that make sleeping at night easy or is it going to be one that I look back on and think, "What did I do today and how is it over already?" I wonder if I am around the corner from being in that place where I fit just nicely and say, "This is why God made me, so let the game begin my friends." I wonder if that's what's around the corner, what the heck is the corner and why is it a corner? I wonder which corner did I turn to get to where I am right now? I leave little wondering to that one because dang it if that rabbitt trail isn't a big waste of brain space. I wonder why Seinfeld left so early, it is easily still the most fun and smartest writing on tv and it is obvious that there is pining for it and yet we know there will never be anything like it again. I wonder... how some people walk into all they are supposed to be as easy as cutting cake and others cry foul for being served cheese a good portion of their life. Why is cutting the cheese a bad thing and cutting the cake a celebratory thing? Isn't cheese healthier and doesn't it actually clog you up? And isn't cake full of sugar and unhealthy things that make you release awful odors that are deemed offensive? I wonder why one person says, "You have to live for the future, don't look back because you can't change the past." And another will say, "When you look back you learn from your mistakes, this makes you wiser for the future." I wonder why "nothing is ever a new thought or new idea," but yet we are bored when, "everything is the same, nothing ever changes." When we're young we have all the dreams and energy to do great things, but none of the knowledge or wisdom to actually do it. And when we're old we have all the knowledge and wisdom gained in life, yet none of the dreams or energy to put it into motion. When we're young we are told to "stop playing around and get to work," but when we're old we can't play around because we've worked too hard. I wonder why parents are always telling their kids to "stop asking so many questions, why can't you just do what your told?" and when they get older they hear, "What did you do that for, didn't you stop to think and ask questions?" Why do single people cry because they are not married and married people laugh at single people who want to get married?

Just wondering
Wallace D.


Sara said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one wondering. i wonder when i'm going to stop wondering. maybe wondering is wonderful. or maybe i'm having a vowel crisis and i'm actually wandering and don't even know it. is it wrong to wonder about wandering? what about wandering around wondering. i wonder why the word wonder starts to look misspelled after typing it so many times. i wonder if God is cracking up right now because we're so ridiculous and take ourselves so seriously?

Mike Willis said...

nicly done!

Tracey, in MI said...

Great. Since I just posted about questions questions questions.

My problem is EXPECTING to get all the ANSWERS.

Maybe I should appreciate that I still ask them. ;) thnx for the reminder.