Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New title?

Considering changing the title of my first book from "How Heaven Ruined My Life: One Man's Journey In Search of A Father" to "Fathered Into A New Kind of Kid: Breaking the broken home"

Any thoughts? Title suggestions?

Wallace D.


chr1s.d3ck3r said...

I like the original title. Especially knowing a bit of the story behind it.
Heidi likes the second. Not sure why. She did mention that both titles are a bit lengthy
Good Luck with the choice.

Amanda Harrison said...

Hey Wally, I prefer your original title. I like the play on words about how heaven ruined your life. That's what Jesus does, isn't it? He comes in and totally wrecks your (old) life to bring in the new.

Deep Thoughts... said...

I like the new title! Especially the second half of it...really clear and powerful.

You missed a fun experience at the watchman...hope you traded up.

Anonymous said...

love the original title! stick with it!

from your boy tommy two-tone!